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Default Re: Few newbie questions

On the 2-stroke motors, my opinion is it's a crap shoot regardless of where you buy. It may run great out of the box, it may be reliable, or it might need lots of tinkering to get running right or may die on you prematurely. A crap shoot....

Some of the biggest problems would be random debris found in the motor due to the conditions in the "factories" where the motors are manufactured or assembled. Or poor casting/finishing that leaves behind metal shards that can eventually break loose and take out your cylinder. And poor or frozen bearings, that may be greased up with stuff that doesn't really resemble grease! Also, the hardware (studs, nuts etc) are usually poor quality and destined to strip or break sooner than later.

Most of this stuff can be straightened out pretty easily if you're willing to do a little work, if your not willing to do the work then maybe you are not cut out for this hobby! LOL It's pretty easy to pull the top end off the motor (head and cylinder). Once the top end is off you can inspect for debris and clean her out, inspect for any flaws in the casting and finishing work that may cause problems if not cleaned up, and make sure everything is greased up or oiled well before you run the motor. Then build her back up with upgraded studs and you have turned the odds of the crap shoot solidly in your favor. The bottom end is much harder to crack, so I wouldn't recommend that you attempt that.

And here in lies the major difference in the various kits... There are slight differences in the various parts. Some have smaller head studs, others larger, or their spacing may be slightly different, which makes the cylinders and heads different. Or the pin on the piston may be higher or lower. In other words, not all replacement parts will fit on all motors. So one advantage of having say a Flying Horse or Grubee kit is you know exactly what you got and most of the vender's will be able to get you the right parts that fit, otherwise there may be guesswork and/or disappointment when ordering parts.

BTW, someone else mentioned the $40 off 2-stroke kits deal that Gasbike is running right now. Not sure if they posted the coupon code or not...

NEWYEAR13 should work to get you $40 off the price of a kit from them, which should pretty much cover the shipping as the other poster pointed out...

Good luck to you whatever you decide to do....

BTW, first thing you should do when you get a kit is clean out the fuel tank, they're usually loaded with crap that will either clog your fuel filter or gunk up your carb right away, and that's no fun! I recommend you run an in-line fuel filter as well. Trust me, it's a good feeling when you see crap floating inside the filter and your motor is still running!

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