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Default Re: need info on getting new motor

Originally Posted by zearo View Post
ok the way you make it sound is that bike motor are junk and not worth the money sound like i am waisting my time with them
I think he was trying to say that a motorized bicycle is a better hobby than mode of transportation...

By their very nature MB's need to be tinkered with, because the bike and motor weren't designed to work together in the first place, so you have to do your own engineering to mate them together. Depending on how well you do, and the quality of the bicycle (none of which were designed to run at 30MPH for extended periods), it may be more or less reliable. That doesn't mean they are junk, that just means it is likely one day you will jump on it for your daily commute and find something needs to be tweaked a bit, but you really just need to get riding to work or whatever.

If you need reliable daily transportation you are definitely better off with a scooter, which are designed to ride at city traffic speed for extended periods. I know there are guys that build really solid MB's that have stood up to long daily commutes, but they are generally not noobs and usually come to the table with solid mechanical skills.

If you are looking to polish your skills and accomplish a reliable motorized bicycle that's not impossible, just know that you are going to have to work at it to achieve that goal. You might try going with a 4 stroke motor instead of a 2-stroke model if this is your goal...
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