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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Wow. Thare's a little of everything on this website! Cool work-spaces people. Get in where you fit in. About a year ago the old lady and I parted ways (yes I callled her that and no thats not why we split lol). I work reclaiming lumber- barns, homesteads etc. and there is a room at our wood lot that employees sometimes crash-out in, or rent. The derilict who had recently moved out made it available right when I needed it. Done deal. The main building on the property was a family residence 20 years ago, so everything you need is there. My shop is the dining room which is a tool staging area for the business. Handy- right outside my bedroom door, next to the kitchen, back porch and the head. Got the bike hanging from hooks at eye level so I can work standing up straight. The boss-man thinks it's "cool". It's pretty cold here right now, but come summer (all 2 weeks of it!) I can use the out buildings, or build some cover temporarily. There's a True Value 50 yards away, and a gasbike supplier about 5 miles down mostly country roads. Cheap rent, central location, zero commute, no stress, cool people, and I work on my bike inside... man they're gonna have to pry me outta here with a crowbar!
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