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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

The roll your own wheel motors use very little torque to turn the wheel. 36 magnets around the rim and DIY wound coil. A 36 pole motor/alternator gets into some high frequencies, esp. at speed.

To give you an idea of rotor diameter vs. torque, turn your wheel from a spoke crossing near the axle, then turn it from a spoke near the rim. That's the difference in torque the motor "sees" or has to overcome. A hub motor vs. a wheel motor.

By ICE, I thought you meant Internal Combustion/Electric. I was exposed to the wheel motor (actually alternator) watching a Discovery channel bit about green vehicles and human power generation. The guy on there only used four magnets on his wheel to power his lights and GPS. But why stop at four?

I'm gonna have to look into this.

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