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Default Re: The good times are over.

thanks for your support everyone. i feel terrible know that my bike was stolen from me, what makes it even worse is the fact that while it was parked and locked no more than 1foot (or 30cms for the main land Europeans reading this) from my front door i was in the living room/lounge no more than 7Ft (2metres) away from the front door at any time in the 1 hour that i was home. that's how close this scum of the earth came to me while they done their dirty, filthy deed. I never heard a dam thing. and i feel so angry towards myself for letting this happen. any time i was out on it i locked her up if i was leaving her for only a second. and then the f**kers steal my baby when it is at its most vunerable, and when its supposed to be safe. these people need to be hung, drawn and quartered. good people who work hard, and pay their way in life can have nothing, only for b*****ds to steal or destroy it. i only got my kit last halloween, just over 2 months i've had it. but i must think that it is another beginning, a new opportunity, i will use what i have learn't and move on.

chin up old boy, and keep a stiff upper lip
cheers everyone
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