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Default Re: The good times are over.

the laws are pretty complicated, depending on the speed your bike does means that you have to fit uprated brakes, and the speed rating of the tyres ,lights, insurance, road tax, the list is long. but i never bothered with any of that stuff, (i did have lights though, kind foolish not to)and the local police passed me a number of times, as i did them. and nothing was said. (over here at the minute, our cops have other things to worry about, i'm sure the current events here have reached across the pond to our American brothers and sisters. other than little ole me on a motorised bicycle). if you come over, bring your bike and enjoy our beautiful wee island. i'll put the kettle on and get out a bottle of my finest 12 year old blackbush whiskey and have some craic. thank you for your sympathies.
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