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Default The good times are over.

As of 8pm G.M.T. I am now bikeless. Due to the crank shaft bearing problem. my dearly beloved bike has been under a cover and locked by my front door for 4 days now. i returned home from work at 7pm and after a bite to eat and a hot whiskey (to keep away the cold and flu) . at 8pm my fiancee and i exited our front door and all what was left was the cover and the bungee i used to hold it in place. i am another police crime statistic. after giving a statement to my local constabulary they said they would keep an eye out for it. i've lost faith in humanity. i only work part time & it took me a couple of months saving to get the engine. why can't hard working people save and get the things they want? only to have a bunch of scum steal it from you? i'm gonna get an electric kit so i can keep my new bike in the house.

Never, can you keep a good biker down!

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