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Default Few newbie questions

hope this is the right section
I been a lurker in these forums for a while reading and taking it all in, now I ready for a few questions
hope to sort a motorized bike out in next 2-4 months ready for summer,something that get me 10 mile radius of my apt,and to tinker about with ,

eBay kit vs website shops

what i been reading is many people who buy kits eBay or sponsors shops on here have said they change a lot of things eg,the nuts and bolts for better ones plug , chain tentioner ,fuel filter, chain etc etc,for better and stronger ones before they start the built , what i am asking is are the sponsors kits better then the ebay ones ???mainly the engine part. i read that there about the same but you get more after service from sponsored website shops? or is it the luck of the draw where ever you get them from.

i been looking and the ebay kits are 120-130 free shipping, or 200-230 on website kit with shipping and still you goign to change the parts, the saving on ebay you can buy the parts as well with the cost of the other kits thats if the engine is the same?.if you know what i getting at just makes sense in the saving but i might be wrong??.

what bikes will fit without grinding and messing with the bike tubes for a mountain bike for the kits mounting brackets to fit ok , i know cruiser bikes will fit (was thinking huffy cranbrook or Good Vibrations but i prefer a mtb or old mtb )
this will be my first build and i know about bikes but not motorized ones .
any help would be appreciated .
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