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Default Re: Hello from Pittsburgh!

Hi lisa, welcome.

The installing will heighten your confidence and you always have us, the band of half a bubble off plumb folks to back you up. Mounting is a lot easier than one would think. You can do this!
I would suggest buying a kit from one of the good folks. There are a bunch. ThatsDax is great. I have not dealt with bikeberry but they are well regarded and I live close to bluecoller.

Do you want inframe or rack mount? 4 stroke is larger and more $ but better for vibration and ease of operation then a 2 stroke. A 2 stroke has a better weight to power ratio and is getting cheaper all the time.

Read a bunch and you will get a feel for what fits you right. Ask a bunch of questions, this is really fun with a bunch of really good folks. Again, welcome
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