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Default Re: Hi from Illinois

" But its very informal so far ,the only rules are ,show up sober(ish),build and mantian your own bike ,dont be a ass$&(:!? " Gosh, that's kind of discriminating, isn't it? No ass$&(:?s? That's a lot of people you're eliminating, so to speak. Ha!

Sounds like a great club. Wish we had something like that in my part of the world. Post your schedule on the forum... you never know when one of us out of staters might be passing through and would like to meet you guys. As it looks right now Fasteddy is showing up at my place in northeastern Minnesota for summer bike camp in June. Then I'm going to ride along with him when he goes to N.H. to meet up with his son and do some riding out that way. On the way back we'll stop in Maryland to empty out a 1951 Spatan trailer iI used to winter in and get it ready to sell. Then back to Minnesota for the rest of motorbike summer camp for riding, building, fishing, swimming and generally being twelve years old again. Be fun to stop along the way to ride with forum guys. Steve will be hauling his Indian tri- car build and I'll bring my daily rider, a 50 Schwinn American Flyer.
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