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Default Re: been a while, building up a new bike.

Originally Posted by d_gizzle View Post
How do you give a cursory glance at a company who's been doing this longer and more successfully than anyone else in the business?
I wasn't interested in paying their prices. When I go on a site and I see high $$$ products I can't afford, I usually don't browse a whole lot. I know where to get parts I need, and those are the sites I look at the most. My next build is already costing more than I want it to, and I'm not totally happy about it, but I'm willing to pay the cost because I know its worth it. When you do a non-kit build, you need quality parts. I'm already $350 in my new build (98cc Lifan on a Chicago Schwinn cruiser frame), and have at least that much to go. I am getting off somewhat easy here, I did get probably almost $100 worth of parts for free. But I'm still looking at around $700 total, maybe more. I'm going with the agk transmission because its less expensive than the qmatic. I'm sure that Staton has a lot of nice high quality products, but unless you work for them, can't understand why you would take offense to my ignorance?
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