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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I raced a CG125, if you fit a cheap pit bike CDI it will give you a spark big enough to stun a buffalo. The taper will probably need fettling to fit though, and you'd need to sort out a generator (car alternator off a belt?).

I had a less mild cam for it as well, but those cost . If it has that useless accelerator carb, fling it into the nethermost reach of Hades and get a 22mm Mikuni copy, and be prepared to jet up a little bit. You will have the old pattern pushrods, which means they won't bend like spaggy if you rev too much. Having said that, there is no point on looking for top end with that cam because it's not there. Hooligan takeoffs are done at 7,000 with a feathered clutch and rapid fire into 3rd.
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