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Default Re: been a while, building up a new bike.

well lets get into some questions then i suppose.

i was looking into building a workman 4 stroke, but i guess they don't fit so well together with out modifying.

what are some readily available bikes to build off of, although i may look into craigslist for older frames, any recommendations?

then the next part is how big of a motor do i need? the predators/greyhounds were popular and still seem to be, but i'm not sure the 79cc is big enough, and the 99cc isn't on the site. next step up is 212 and i'm not sure how necessary that actually is.

and then money comes into play. i was fortunate enough to have someone share some pre packaged parts from affordablegokarts for the predator 79/99 motors that would make building it somewhat easy. but some parts get pretty pricey, are there any cheaper but still reasonable alternatives (specifically the jack shaft kit that i would need). and the other thing is if the 79cc isn't going to be powerful enough, what are my options?

not trying to turn this into a 4 stroke build thread, but since all my older friends already seemed to stop in, figured i mite as well get some idea

thanks guys!
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