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Default Re: been a while, building up a new bike.

thanks for all the welcome backs guys.

prices actually seem to be about the same, only about $10-20 more from the looks of it. the price of a 4 stroke is kind of iffy for me as a hobby, then again 2 strokes cost so much in repairs if you got bad luck.

bummer about the tucson store.

hi russell! good to hear, i mite make my way down there for a ride if one happens and things go well for me.

the hub it self was literally shattered in some spots chain, no way i was fixing that one. mite order a new wheel from worksman and just throw it on to my original build. only other part i need if i remember right was the pin the clutch arm pushed in, somehow i lost that. that should be a good start to getting back into this hobby. and deciding where to go next.

hi goat
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