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Default Re: Hi from Illinois

I used to lurk here for a few years and built my first couple of bike with manic mechanic sprocket adapters that i ordered from both manic website and pirate cycles. Manic mechanic is the same thing as Creative Engineering isn't it? Are the same adapters being made by someone else? Pirate site don't call them manic anymore. Anyway i had a couple of those type slip slightly and were kind of leaning on the spokes, so i thought id give the top hat a try. I also had a clamshell adapter once a while back from livefaST motors that i never did use because it needed too much machine work to make it fit.
The bike im getting the sprocket adapter for has front and rear disk brakes already.

Im still waiting on 2 bikes ordered from walmart. Both are getting huasheng 4 stroke 49cc engines. Just anxious for warmer days now. Working in a unheated garage lately.

I'm in Moline illinois, on the border of illinois and iowa in a area known as quad cities. Not much goin on around here usually. i'll keep you posted on the bikes.
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