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Default The Aftermath. The new guy...

Hello all. Recently a highway patrollman and I disagreed on how much Guinness Stout I had consumed that day. Now, I absolutely refuse to operate a motor vehicle untill he apologizes... or six months pass. A friend of a friend had the same problem and sold me the gas-bike he'd parked more than a year ago, for $50. Good deal methinks. It's a Schwinn Del Mar with a Huashengtaishan 49cc 4 stroke engine, and Grubee stage 3 gearbox. UPDATE: I've only been a member here for about a week, and all of my questions were answered. Also interacted with some interesting people. I'd like to thank GearNut for giving me multiple answers at once, even though I wasn't exactly in the right forum. That "Norm's two stroke repair center" is a cool option. I'll get some pics of my Cruiser re-build up as soon as it's running.

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