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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I think it's a lovely little bike but it is little and not wanting to butcher it to make something bigger fit in which would reck the lines anyway,I've decided fit in a small Honda CG 125.
I've been out today an bought a early 81 6volt model that's been stood rotting for the last 15 years, it's a non runner an have been looking for its spark all day but its not playing despite freeing the rings off with plusgas and buying it a new condenser an spark plug ! Tomorrow I'm going to TRY buy a new ignition switch as it ain't got one an I may have the wires all the wrong way around, I'm also going to buy some new points an re-learn how to fit em, as it must be getting on for 15 years since I last had to fettle with em .
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