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Default the perfect motorized bike?

Hi. I'm a bike courier in Seattle where we have all kinds of hills and a few bodies of water separating nearby neighborhoods from downtown. I plan on getting a motor vehicle or two this year to help with my work (I am self employed, currently I use hourly rental cars when the need arises). Although I'm looking at 200+cc scooters, if it's possible to throw together a motored bike I might just do that and get van or truck as well. Besides I would just like to put together a motored bike for fun if nothing else. It sounds like a blast.

After all I've read about motorized bikes I'm pretty sure I have a good idea as to how a good motorized bike should be put together so here's my plan;

- Start with a full suspension frame, because weight doesn't matter very much and suspension will be good.
- Install the sick bike parts freewheeling crank kit, gears are an absolute must.
- Build the rear wheel with an internally geared hub, possibly the Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub because it handles shifting under load better. Use DT Swiss rims on front & rear because they are the most bombproof.
- Use a really good motor such as Morini (know any others?). I see a lot of cheap motored-bike kits for sale on eBay but I don't trust those engines, especially considering a well built engine will put out more power despite the same small displacement and last longer.
- Good disc brakes on both wheels.
- Probably some sort of fairing on the front at least to help with aero.
- Huge, very puncture-resistant tires with Mr. Tuffy inside.

Altogether if done wisely I don't expect it should cost more than $1500-2000. I really like the sick bike parts freewheeling crank because with that I can see pedaling and using the motor at the same time.

I don't know what max speeds I should expect, I would like to try putting a larger chainwheel on the crank to make it faster. If I could get up to a steady 50-55 mph that would be awesome, and open up some short freeway options if I can get the thing licensed.

I could really use advice as to where to find a good engine, I've seen listings for the Morini engines new but the costs are considerable. I figure I can try harvesting one by looking around for a wrecked Italjet Torpedo (up to 2002) but that would be hard to find. Any suggestions? Are Piaggio motors as good?
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