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Talking Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.


Rear turn signals.

Shimano 105 three speed front derailleur.

SRAM Twist Shifter.

Electric Regenerative Braking: 1 finger braking from 40 mph (feels like ABS Braking or a drogue chute deploying from your back every time you tap the brake). It recharges your battery and the byproduct of that is that it slows your e-hub down in a hurry without locking the wheel up.

I can't say enough about Regen Braking. It's an option on some controllers and completely left off on others. It should be standard on every e-controller as it will most likely save your life one day. In most cases I only need to use 1 finger to stop now, no matter what my speed is.

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