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Default Re: Rag Joint Issue

Thanks for the responses. I believe all my questions have been answered. I've decided to install a brand new rear wheel (wheelmaster 12 gauge steel rim with Shimano 110 hub) and add a MM clamshell hub adapter. So many people touting these things I'm going to give it a try. I've had one sitting in the box for a few months now but my stock hubs didn't have the correct O.D. to accomodate the adapter. Chinese knock off's of the Shimano 110.....

Then in the meantime, I'm going to learn how to true a wheel. Tom you're right, the guys at the bike store make it seem like you need to apprentice for years in order to learn how to properly true a wheel. They point to their certification papers with official gold seal of approval...give me a break! Good to know it's not a black art.. I'll let you know if I'm successful doing this with the rag joint installed like Dave was. (might be a while though before I follow up on this thread).

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