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Spring fork yes ,seat post no..i think they lead to broken spokes on rear rim.
I would slime the tubes and your gona need some tools for bike and motor.
Deff. Have a good light system, just off the top of my head i'd bett you can use the strumey as a charging circut for light. It will be a trickle charge but prob work?
As for routeing and maping its all in the prep work .i used to cross wisconsin back in my peadling days and always had a better time when i had done some recon before hand and knew were i was at all times. Dont trust any thing electronic to work 100% bring a map!
Some paneers are a must ,and a good lightweight bivy setup . Don't forget to bring a hamock ,there a wonderfull way to catch a nap durnig a rain break and keep you off. The ground 24-7 .
Prob most of all have a good bale out plan ,tell family were your off to and check in reg.
Theres like a thousand things and its a little overwhelming at first but some plaing at home goes a long way on the trail.
Lucky you have a leg up i never had ,the forum , good advice and potentialy some riding partners or help in case of mech prob.
Hope some of this is helpfull ,i be glad to help any way i can . Good luck
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