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I have been trying to think of a way to pre stretch whole length chains. Would make buying a pre-made motorized bicycle a more attractive product. I only use a chain tensioner until chain is stretched on my MBs

Just a side note about internet. Drives me nutz when I can't connect!!!
I refurbish old PCs and give them to who ever is in need locally. Some are really poor and can't afford internet or folks who don't know if they want it. So I start them on AOL or any free trial dial up. If you cancel the day before trial period is over they extend it. It is not cheating as they really want you to try their product.

Even dial up is better then no internet at all for short periods. There are many. Burn the disk before you need it or local library. Or down load and don't activate until you need it.

Just a thought bud. aol free trial download - Google Search
worst apocalypse ever

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