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Default Re: Slow Speed 2-stroke 66CC

Good effort Alson, but the post is almost a year old. From this guy's other posts, he has a history of asking a question, getting responses, and never posting when he finds the solution or what the problem really was.

Here are a couple of his other posts where he asked a question and never responded when he found a solution:

07-03-2012 - responded that he found the solution but never said what it was???

Okay, that response sounded a little *****y. What I mean is that when you ask a question and get responses, if one of them solves your particular issue it is good to let us know. This is good since there will likely be others who come here with the same problem and if they search a find a whole bunch of posts about the same problem they are having with no solution, then the posts are not all that helpful.

As a noob who searched often, I really appreciated posts that were complete, many of which helped me on my builds.

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