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Smile Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

New year new project, Its a motorbike proper this one an I know its a motorised bicycle forum so if its not what you want here moderators just say, I wont be offended.
here goes...
My mate found this old bike frame dumped in the back of a local scrap yard in France a few years ago an bought it for 20 euros, being the nice guy he is he originally bought it for someone else who wanted it for the girder forks but a few years went by an he never turned up for it and so to cut a short story short, I've ended up with her, I know for sure its not everyones cup of tea because after putting up a pic of her on Facebook the general feedback was..... bar a few exeptions, well not very good !
Anyway... I like it, Its make is Automoto and probley dates from the 30's, its got a bit of surface rust here an there but seems fairly solid in general, one way or another I'm going to get her fixed up an on the road .

At first it looked straight ish but on closer examination the frame is as bent as a French 9 bob note and possibly the girders are a bit on the wonky side (but may just be twisted) infact an at some stage it looks like the Germans during the occupation have tried an failed to destroy her with dynamight, iether that or on its last journey someone hit a brick wall, the main spine looks to be cast in one piece and incorporates the headstock and looks to be REALLY strong, well thats proper bent an will take some straightening !
My plans for it keep changing but thats the good bit for me, an I'll see how it evolves in the weeks to come...But GOD I think its a really cool little bike

My kids keep asking whos getting this one an I,m saying I havent decided yet, that will ensure good behaviour for a while.

On this pic you can really see how bad the frame is bent.

In this pic you can see the bolt on hardtail is also a bit bent out of true.
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