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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I got quite a bit done today. Finished fitting up my forks and handlebars. This process involved quite a bit of work. I have a pair of Suzuki K10 hydraulic motorcycle forks that came with a 3/4" handlebar clamp, and since bicycle bars are 7/8, I had to grind down the handlebar clamp to get my handlebars to fit. I started with a dremel and a grinding bit, but after realizing how slow that would be, I decided to try using a cutoff wheel to ream it, and it worked. I was able to get the handlebars to fit. I also modified a crown nut to work with the triple trees. The steerer tube has a hole in it to bolt the top tree to, making it impossible to use a regular crown nut. So what I did was take the dremel and cut the crown part off. I also hooked a spring to my clutch lever to make it return. Let me explain what I mean. I dont need a clutch lever since I'll be using a 4 stroke with a centrifugal clutch, but my clutch lever controls my brake light. So what I did was put a spring through where the cable would normally go, secured one end of the spring to the lever with twist wire, and hooked the other end of the spring to the handlebars, also with twist wire. The reason I did this is so the lever will return on its own when I release it. I also used the dremel and a grinding bit to make the hole in my sprocket wider, so I don't need to modify my dust cover and risk damaging my bearings. I also cleaned up the casting slag on the exhaust manifold I was given.
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