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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Somehow I didn't get an explanation in a search with the POS, but get it now.

I do look to see if I can really buy where everything about an item is USA made, but true it is tricky at how stuff is labeled.

I hope my Hobart Welder is really USA made!

This is not motor bike stuff, but some things are surprising, this being one of them.

I did buy in a Sears store a pressure cooker / steamer and it is was made in India. It is stainless steel and has about 5 safety features for over pressure and interlock opening. Quite high tech in the features and what I thought were scratches on the finish, was just the brushed design. I bought an extra gasket and got it through the mail easily.

It was marketed by Manttra but had this name on the bottom. They have ISO 9001 and a bunch of other international certifications and I would say this product is much safer than what was made in the 1950’s.

Some things from overseas are of high quality, but there is obviously a lot of stuff less than marginal, so buyer beware.


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