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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I ground down a 14mm crescent wrench so that the bearing keepers for my rear hub which is threaded and has two flats I could turn it back against the thin nuts that are next to them. Its an older hub, there are no races.

For both sides I can do this and now I have just the right amount of end play and it will not change when I torque the nuts to hold the axle in the drip outs.

That metal did take time on the angle grinder, but it is really an invaluable tool now.

Also finally got to starting on my turn buckle design for dual drop out tensioning for my vee-belt rear wheel pulley drive on my 3hp 40:1 ratio Briggs bike. It will be a dirt bike and also get the fish cover for art vehicle parade speeding below 5mph.

When this belt tensioner is done, I have just one more of the three I have on the bike with the twin stacked jack shafts. The last one is using an flat idler pulley which is on order. I'll make it slotted like the one between the upper and lower jack shafts or maybe have a spring loaded idler on the back of the vee-belt.

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