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Default Re: Greetings from the BikeBug

Thanks Joe. Yes you are right about many things "causing the problems". I'm sure that it is my home made diaphragm because I found a bigger one and cut it with a knife. It is very tiny and has holes that I tried to cut out as best I could. Also I believe that the part dose the pumping should have had a little pocket or bubble shape to it and mine is just flat.
The way I set it up was to mount my happy time gas tank on my handle bars so that it sat above the engine. The thing is that the return line would fill up the original gas tank with the gas from upper tank and I would have to dump that back into the upper tank.
I was just seeing if it would work but as I said , I gave up within an hour of use. I found that guy that makes you buy a book and was turned off by the whole thing. Is he the only guy with parts?
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