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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

When I raced roadbikes for 14 years. almost anyplace was "the shop" but as my Dad got into riding in the Veterans Divison in USCF, our basement was really something back in the day- lined with wheels hanging from the ceiling, a big shop flourescent light he put up- and he was always a 'Hands on" guy like his father before him-

We even acquired a real steel bike shop setup stand when a local shop went out of business

The one thing I still miss now is the great big steel vice he always had mounted on the big wooden wook table he had built- I never have a vice anymore.

I do still have however a few tools that belonged to my grandpap (who died in 1974) before Dad had them (The two ran a gas station in Indianapolis for a short time before I came along in 1954), and I still have even more of my first Craftsman set of tools I got for my birthday in 1968, although I finally disposed of the big heavy box I'd repainted a couple of times, in favor of a lightweight cheap plastic box from Wal-Mart about ten years ago.

In fact I went to put a new set of plugs in a 95 Ford Escort the other day, and was going to use the old 1/2" ratchet drive, extension and plug socket- but then I discovered the socket didn't even fit the more "modern" plugs anymore-

Luckily I had the plug socket I needed in a cheap newer $5 set of sockets- except no rubber lining to hold the plugs then- and they did sit down in there deep and were a bit of a problem then getting in and out- oh well, not all is "progress" I guess.....
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