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There is a little kid in all of us and some things just naturally bring it out, a trip to the zoo, an animated movie, a visit from a grandkid, or a motorized bicycle!!! I think when spectators see a motorized bike go by it reminds them of their childhood and makes them wish they could experience that childhood again, especially if the motorized bicycle is a little frivolous. One of mine has a chrome skull on a vintage horn mounted on the front fender, dice valve caps, and a wind-up key on the gastank lid. When I rode it in the Christmas parade, kiddies and grownups alike were intrigued. All of the grownups want to know what year it is and what model of motorbike it is. When I say it's a Murray bicycle , they have a hard time getting their mind around it. As has already been said, a motorized bicycle gives you an instant connection with strangers, whether it's a question, a thumbs up, or a wave as you whiz by, and that's a pretty cool thing!
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