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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

What a difference 4 months can make.

My wife of 25 years and I got back together and since our adult son that was living with her is doing time I got rid of my roommates and she moved in with me.

It just her and I with 1800sq, 3 bedrooms, and 2 houses worth of 'stuff'.

We gave a bunch away but my bike rack workstation now has a pair of low comfortable rolling chairs perfect from either side or a pair of guys working on a bike.

That is not even the best part though...

The big room off my shop that was my bedroom via double doors when I had roommates is now part of the shop.

Nothing like an extra ~180sf of indoor carpeted space to not just park things but to work on big things like motorized adult trikes, with the double bonus of a pair of super wide doors from the outside to that room even riding a an adult trike.

A storefront my new shop size would be $1000 or more a month here in Phoenix and it wouldn't have a bathroom or kitchen, let alone a living room.

This will make some of you cringe but we only pay $775 a month for 1800sf on a 1/4 acre lot in town and not out in the boonies.

With my wife dumping her rented house, utils and no adult kid to support, etc we found ourselves both back in the black financially real quick which as far as the shop goes means I can grow with not just inventory I can grab at bargains but some higher end tools and even advertising from the comfort of my (to me) Ultimate Man Cave ;-}
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