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Default Re: gas tank giving me the blues

Ok so super failure on me soldering. Still leaks not as bad but still leaking. New gas tank from bikeberry arrived and I quickly mounted it up. Used inertube as a "rubber mount" and worked great.... Untill today. Its not me tightening it too much. I've not had a single leak untill I went on a longer ride. I suspect vibration to be the cause. Is there a way to make studs stronger.
I'm soooooper irritated I've trashed another tank. Finally a nice day and I go for a long ride and bam! Leaking like I've got an open hole. Limped it to the house and drained the gas and removed the tank. One of the studs looks like is about to fall out completely. I'm wondering if I can't maybe thread a nut onto the stud and weld the nut around the bottom of the tank. Ill be letting it sit and air out for a few days untill I start my vacation next week.
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