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i been riding motorized bicycles for a long time and one thing that never gets old is the look you get as you go by someone. young or old you get that look of wow, approval, delight, envy and excitement. like a lot of you motorized bicycles has made it possible to enjoy something i loved as kid till i was old enough to buy my first car. at my age now a car is a necessity and not a vehicle of enjoyment and once again the bicycle has become my source of enjoyment and adventure. i have met many people on the bike. they ask you to pull over so they can ask questions. they wind down their window when stopped at a stop light just to ask questions or follow you to a where ever you are going to ask you questions after you stop. i have met more people with the bike then any other way. some would think it would get old answering questions all the time however for me its not. our motorized bicycles are not just something you buy at the store. it is something that we put together, customized and did all the little extra things to make it what it is. think about it. everyone i have ever known has had a bicycle at some point in their life and most of them loved them dearly and like me dreamed about having one with a motor
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