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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

Originally Posted by DAVID02895 View Post
Maybe a stupid question,why would you have to gear it down? What would happen if you used a centrifigal clutch and a chain to the wheel?
Not at all a dumb question. Say your motor turned at 3600 RPM. (7000 for a GX50) from a 12 toothed centrifugal clutch to a 44T stock rear sprocket. It would = 75.9 MPH in therory. 3.70:1 gear reduction would just not work.

Most small engines turn at 3600 RPM. So if you want say 30 MPH, you would have to reduce around 18 to 1, or so Each time the motor sprocket turns 18 times, you want the rear wheel and sprocket to turn once. It is a very good question. I am just learning this my self and is really amazing stuff. Osccully gave me a great calculator that I can't find for you, but will.
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