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Default Re: FD Roller, Material?, Method?

I have been going through lifes wringer in the last year. The death of 2 parents, a divorce, and a re-location to coastal Ga. from the Atlanta area.
That said Im in a much more motorized bicycle friendly area and brought 4 with me, I still have the original FD motorized bicycle that has the most miles ridden, something close to 3k. None have been riden in the last 6mos. Time to get them going!
I orginally used the TSC stall mats for my rollers. The last mat I bought was of a different compound and was not suitable, failed quickly. That prompted the move to wood. Oak wears like iron, doesnt matter what you ride on. Pretty easy on the tire too.
That said it is only suited for larger slower turning rollers 2" up. Fir 2x4s work well also for experimentation(heck I have run some permanently) the largest I have run is 3.25 I believe. If you want a 4" laminate cuts from an oak cutting board.
Thats basically my set up in your diagrahm, You could get the same results with threaded rod and nuts I guess.
Dont know what you are running but you will have a pretty good pedal off speed to smoothly get going with a 4". Will have a heck of a top end, probably up in the 40s+. Hills will be your real enemy. My ungoverned Lifan 99cc topped 40 with the 3.25 around 4500rpm. Climbed all but the bigger hills ok.
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