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Default Re: FD Roller, Material?, Method?

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
Oak is where its at fellas.
Are you currently regularly riding a bike that uses an oak roller? And there is a hiatus in your posting history. What were you doing?
Your roller system uses a shaft with a threaded hole > that holds a bolt > that squeezes the bearing center > that works through some washers > that squeezes the roller.
This pic was in another thread.
I don't have a threaded shaft, and I'm not set up to make one.

I have a 0.5" shaft with a hole going across a diameter. A pin is in the hole. Hockey pucks are on both sides of the pin. Bolts and nuts sandwich the pucks around the pin.

I would like a larger roller. I'm thinking 4", but I can't find any sheet rubber locally. (But I'm sure they are in this city somewhere.)

Tractor Supply has a stall mat. It's 0.75 inch thick. Is that what you use when you used rubber? I can't find any sheets of rubber locally.
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