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Default Re: 4 stroke appearance

Jim C,
Until someone builds a 4 stroke with a cylinder that slants in the right direction, not vertical or slanted to the rear, I'm with you. I've yet to see a pretty 4 stroke install. They all look like lawn mower engines bolted to a bicycle.

If appearance is more important than some other factors I haven't seen anything that compares with a nicely detailed Chinese 2 stroke.
I'm currently into a new build and I seriously debated going the 4 popper route but in the end decided on the good old HT because the bike is being primarily built for looks.

Someone, a family member who lives in Florida, recently told me he had an engine that was made by Briggs that was a 'V' twin 4stroke. He said it was a 5HP water pump engine that he gave away to a friend who was planning on putting it on a bicycle. I've researched and found nothing about a 4 stroke 'V' twin ever being made by Briggs & Stratton. Maybe he was mistaken about the manufacturer or the fact that it was in fact a 'V' twin cylinder engine. Now that is a 4 stroke that I might consider.

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