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Default Re: Special Bike Tools


Most any bicycle shop will be able to provide you with the tools I mentioned above. As for brand names or quality, that's always a gamble but they aren't high tech stuff. Just steel and in some cases aluminum that will probably suffice unless you plan to make a living rebuilding bikes.

As for custom fabrication tools; the list is endless. Metal working requires saws, grinders, welders and in some cases lathes and milling machines. It all depends on how involved you want to get and what you're willing to spend on tools. Generally speaking I'd want a 4.5" side grinder, a metal cutting saw, a Dremel or the equilavent, grinding wheels, drill press and a bench grinder with a stone and a wire brush plus a buffing wheel if you're into making pretty stuff. You could buy tools until you're dead and still need more when it comes to custom metal work. English Wheeling machines, TIG and MIG welders, Crimping and shrinking's never ending.

I'm sure others will chime in with their recommendations so watch for them here.

Good luck.

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