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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by edangel View Post
well let see on dec 28 i was heading to a job interveiw well i never made it on my way i had a old ladie blocking the sideway people dont care i live in sevierville and the smokie mountion so i try to ride the side walk as much as i can but wheni was heading down the road i tryed to go back on the side walk of chickfile but insted of hoping the driveway my tires road down as i put my right foot down and the next thing i know i was on my helment so their where peolpe stop and helped me out of the sidewalk and they drug my china girl off the road i tryed to stand right went stret down ok put my knee cap wish that was my luck i busted the knee cap and nothing left of the botton bone they put pins and a excoskaltain and on thur is the big day of plates and screews well i know i got to get a back light againe and what else when i be able to ride her again
That sucks Angle hope you heal up real fast.

I purchased Knee and shin pads for racing But I've grown accustomed to wearing my knee and shin pads all the time now. So far they have saved my knees once in a parking lot.
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