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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

After a (sudden) stop, flop and roll, I am particular to Percodan. Not sure it helps with the pain, I have no clue as to any thing going on.

The trying to stand and falling back down is a really bad feeling. I can't imagine a broken kneecap. Must take forever to feel right and work.

Just a side note. Every one expresses them selves differently. Like Uncle Ron typing all in capital letters. He is not "yelling", contrary to any sort of Netiquette, just how one of us expresses him self.

Really is interesting knowing all of you guys and reading different ways of explaining stories and how you did things. Some times my English skills are not real the greatest, but always in fun.

(that and when you make fun of me, I throw stuff at the 'puter TV. NANANANNAa)
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