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Default Re: Why not just buy a motorcycle?

Been there and did it. Like a lot of us I too had motorcycles in my younger days. So, I've had my highway fun and thrills and at my age, I don't need 'em now. Then came my introduction to these funny little bikes we all ride and I got mine on the road just days before I went to part time employment, with full time retirement on the near horizon. My two weekdays off are essentially mine to do with what I choose. I have chores and home projects to attend to but I'm able to devote quite a few hours a week to riding my bike. Much has already been said about the advantages and my input will only mirror most of them. So I'll just add that when I ride...I'm relaxed. Ive been driving an 80 mile a day commute for nearly fifteen years, highway speeds, traffic and the associated stress. I have none of that on my MB. I cruise around at 15 or 20MPH, wave at the neighbors and the kids. Stop to watch a guy and his dog play ball in the park. I watch the sunsets and go to the library, all with a stress free state of mind that this simple little vehicle has awarded me.
It's common knowledge that pets, especially dogs are good for the mental and physical wellbeing...I submit that motorized bicycles will do the same. At least mine has for me. I've noticed it, my wife has too. I go for a ride...and come home with a smile. Thanks to my motorbike.
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