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Default Re: Why not just buy a motorcycle?

An engine less than 50cc and placed on to a bicycle to assist you in pedalling is still a bicycle and not a motorcycle. So far, from my Research, here are the classes I have found.

Bicycle-Motor Assisted bicycle

A bicycle with motor assist is much less than a moped and in many places is still classified as a bicycle. In Some places it is moved up into the moped Class and Mopeds are Regulated the same As the less than 50cc scooters in some places. So check your local laws. That means you have to be 16 with a valid drivers license. But still, no M Endorsement, no insurance is required, no plates, no registration where I live none of these are required, but check your local laws to see how it is where you live. And of course.. There are motor cycles. They Require M, License, Insurance, Registration, Plates, Ect ect Ect... And then there is NY. Mopeds, MAB's, Scooters and the like are not allowed period !! At least from what I have been told.. Bummer NY !!!
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