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Default Re: MB vs EMP

We might not survive a EMP, but other forms of disaster would be a different story.

A few years ago a hurricane threatened Houston. They decided to evacuate the city. So about a million cars all hit I45 heading North toward Dallas, all at the same time. I had a friend that was one of them. He had a full tank of gas. It should have been enough to make it all the way. It didn't work out that way.

Only the first car out of town had a chance. What happened was about 50 miles outside of town, someone decided to stop at a gas station on the highway to fill up just in case. Then the next car decided maybe they should get some gas too. Next thing you know, there was a line of cars stretching all the way back to Houston. Traffic on the highway came to a stand still from all the cars waiting in line. My friend was stuck in the line of traffic idleing on the highway using up all his gas. Within an hour all the gas stations for a 100 miles were out of gas, and so was everybody else. It took my friend over 13 hours to drive 350 miles.
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