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Default Re: Idea Dilemma

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
That's an excellent question about doing custom builds.

When I come to a dilema like you've described I'll stop and sleep on it for a day or two or three until that little light bulb comes on over my head.

I can't remember who it was that did this, but when they'd go to bed at night, they'd hold their arm straight off the side of the bed with a cannon ball in it. When the cannon ball started to drop as they began to fall asleep, that state just between fully awake and fully asleep was when their best ideas would come.

I don't do the cannon ball thing but it's true for me that my best ideas come while in bed.
Good idea, where are they selling cannon balls these day?

However I do believe that it was Ben Fanklin who said "When you have a problem, sleep on it". I have always used that advice and has had positave results!
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