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Default Re: Mb's and immagration ? Really...

I think in the end, you have to accept what the stupid bar owner wants. If he says no motor bicycles in his parking lot, fair of not that's his right. But of course you also have the right not to give him any money.

I would bide my time, and see what happens. Motor bicycles will probably become more and more popular as time goes by. Others may start showing up at the bar. There's a lot more power in numbers. more likely he'll go out business though.

There's a very old hamburger drive in here in Dallas. It had a long standing policy of no motorcycles. Since about 1990 motorcycles started becoming a lot more popular. These new riders are in most cases yuppies and professionals riding shinny Harleys. They don't know anything about the history of bikers of old. They started trying to go to to this drive in, and felt angry about being denied service. Many of them are local HOG club members lol. One thing about yuppies is they're all high pressure. They started a campaign of peaceful protest to get the owner abandon his no motorcycle policy. I wasn't part of it, but I'm sure when he saw how many of them there were, and all the potential money he was losing, it played a big part of his decision to relent. Now I see motorcycles there all the time, and I doubt most of them even know anything about it.

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