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Default Re: Mb's and immagration ? Really...

Wow nice bike biknut mongo impressed... Yes we have a couple good place to ride too . I kinda feel bad for the guy who owns the little bar in question . He is stuck trying to make a profit and put up with jerks like i ran into . The irony is just last year we were talking about haveing an event at this place just cuz they were cool with us comeing by there ? This part of the country has always had a weird relationship with bikers(of any kind) they love when a bunch of people come to eat and drink but hate the fights and police showing up every weekend. I was smart enough to talk to the local MC when we started our club ,just so they knew we were out there and ment no disrespect to them or anyone else . There are seven MC's within ten miles of us and at least three are one percent clubs . They all seem to get on ok and there are several bars that they share as common turf ,but there are also a few were we are not welcome! Only one club has told me to stay away from there bars/events and not to claim to be an mc (not that we ever did). And even those guys have comented on how cool they thought our bikes were. In some strange way i think they might feel like were a threat to "there thing" just cuz more people can afford a motorized bicycle and then there will be more guys on the road?
I tend to look at it like were cousins or a little brother ,you put up with them but you dont want them tagging along all the time?
we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
for he that shares the road with me shall be my brother. be he nare so vile this ride shall gentile his condition . and pedestrians now afoot will hold there manhood cheap when passed by a motor bike geek
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