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Default Re: Police took my bike away

i agree that this guy dug himself a grave and laid down in it... but i would like to share my run-ins with the po-lice. 2 weeks ago i was going down a small street in phoenix called coral gables and my headlight had died. drove past a man-hunt and a renegade cop decided i could be who they were looking for... lol. he precede to "inform" me that mb's are illegal in phoenix and i was getting all of these random tickets. THEN i pulled out my copy of the ARS : )
shut that dumb cop right up.

then a week later in my little development i got pulled over for the same reason. guess who steps out of the SUV?? lol the same cop. he was really cool this time though and gave me no troubles.. probably felt like an a**h*** for the way he treated me.

if you live in az keep the ARS with you at all times.