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Default Re: Why not just buy a motorcycle?

I want a motorcycle again because I miss that rush when entering the highway and throttling up past 80 mph without a windscreen and just eye-wear no helmet on a 1970 model Honda CB750 with a way loose steering head and slightly warped wheels everything is shaking oh yes I miss that. In my lifetime I want a Harley that feels a bit safer at speeds but I'll probably ride my motorized bicycles a lot more.
I feel 14 again when I'm on my pedal bikes.
And I honestly think I feel more manly riding my pedal bikes than I would riding a custom Harley built by someone else because all would know that the one that built THIS bike is riding it.
I feel like a kid again AND I've never felt more manlier.
It's a no brainer,really.

This is a true story for me.

I'm one of those folks that are downright stubborn when it comes to taking any meds. I came out of a quintuple bypass almost 2 years ago and since then I've had to take a whole lot of meds for cholesterol and high blood.
Well I got tired of paying for them and they were expensive so last month I went without. And the doc has to start all over with me. But when he checked my blood pressure it's normal.
Looks like no more blood pressure medicine for me.
My Bikes did that.
My Bikes did that.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.
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