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Thanks for the info so far. for my first build I do plan on using a 2 stroke and have been researching on and off for over 1 year. Even though I have been reading up for all that time it seems like everyone claims to have the best engine and kit lol. I'm wanting a low gear for 2 reasons 1 I don't care for top end if I can cruise at at least 15 mph and get there quickly Ill be happy ( for now lol ) 2 my main purpose for this is I Broke my leg about 3 years ago very badly on a bike so now when I hit a long hill it can be very painful. That said I know Ill use the engine a lot more then on hills but I do still plan on biking a lot.

also I hate to say the more I research the more questions I get lol. one of the new ones from reading things on this site is I've noticed that some people have talked a bout a 6v lead that is just blocked off with some of the kits. Does that mean it could be used for a 6v lighting system?

and again Thanks for all and any help I get from you all
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