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Default Re: Why not just buy a motorcycle?

Yup, most of the people I meet in the streets would sometimes shout at me like that... I think even most of my office colleagues are laughing at me because I use it going to work. But there is one person who told me that it's better than a motorcycle. Well, here are some reasons why it is better than a motorcycle:
1) No License, road tax, insurance, etc...
2) It's portable. You can easily disassemble everything put it in a big luggage and bring it with you anywhere.
3) It's a lot lighter than a motorcycle, so say if you make a wrong turn, you can just lift it and make an instant U-turn, and you'll be your way. Power to weight ratio is much better.
4) It's economical in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance.
5) You can practically continously upgrade to better bicycle parts, and you can also customized every part.
6) If you ran out of fuel, or your engine broke down, you can still pedal your way home.
7) You still get some exercise, keeps you fit.
8) It's something unique that it is'nt just for anybody. It takes some skills or develop those skills to build something like this. Every build is unique, with a personal touch that you can't find on motorcycles that suits each and everyone's needs.
9) It's fun to ride. My friends tried it and got addicted to it on their first ride.

Need I say more?

BTW, I did ride a motorcycle once, but the sensation on riding a motorized bicycle is just different.
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